HELLO! Thank you for registering to be a part of the Dwell On Design 2017 'The Architect Is In' booth.

This is your chance to meet potential new clients and design fans interested in speaking with an architect. We provide the booth, the rest is up to you. There is wall space for your signage (specs provided), and you're welcome to bring marketing materials to promote your business.

AWA+D is also looking for volunteers for our non-profit's booth just next to this one.

-- This is a great way to receive a free pass to the show and support both booths! --

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Which days/times are you able to be a featured architect in Dwell's "The Architect Is In" booth that we are sponsoring? This would give you the unique opportunity to meet with potential new clients. *

If you have a 1st and 2nd choice, please select both and we will see which one is first available.

Are you available on Wednesday, June 21st for 2 hrs between 12-6pm to help us set up our booth? (exact timeframe TBD) *

Are you available on Sunday, June 25th 6-8pm to help us break down our booth? *

Thank you for your time, we will reach you directly to confirm availability. 

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We base the schedule on a first-come first-served basis and will try our best to give you the spot that you are interested in.
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